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Castle Glen has always maintained a key focus on its wine quality. However, actions speak louder than words, and our wine tasting room allows for the perfect experience to see and taste the quality yourself. From casual outings, music concerts, and weddings, our Virginia winery has become a hot tourist destination for locals and visitors alike. Swing on by today no matter the weather or occasion for an experience that will last a lifetime.

Castle Glen Winery Tasting Room
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Wine Crafted to Perfection

Taste to Your Hearts Content

The Castle Glen wine tasting experience is all about invoking a casual and enjoyable atmosphere that lets you try a plethora of wines at your leisure. Our wine tastings aren’t restrictive to where you want to go; we fully support going outside to see the beautiful Virginia countryside while enjoying your drinks and company. Bring your friends and family and make the experience a great conversation on the way home in which wines spoke to you the most. If you liked a specific type, we’d love to hear it!

Schedule a Vineyard Tour

At our Virginia Winery

Our wine tasting room experience is just the beginning, by scheduling in advance, our staff can take you through our Virginia winery while answering any questions you have. Seeing the source of our great tasting wines up close by touring the vineyard serves as the perfect precursor for questions and topics to bring to our wine tasting room. Our tasting room is open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.Friday through Sunday. Saturday tasting will include live and local music playing at the venue for no extra charge! No matter the season, we set out to make our outdoor settings as good as our roofed venues as you relax and take in the beautiful view of our estate.

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Perfectly Crafted Wine FOR THE

Best Wine Tasting Experience

We only use the freshest grapes in Virginia for our winemaking process. But don’t take our word for it; the wine tasting room is all about your personal tasting experience to share with your friends, family, and hopefully us! The room contains open vaulted ceilings and a 30-seat guest capacity decorated with high-top tables and chairs. Guests can also arrange for a buffet dinner option for their parties in the wine tasting room. In addition, our tasting barn is friendly for kids and dogs, allowing you to take the whole family for a fun outing.

An Iconic Virginia Winery

Worth Experiencing

We strive to make each trip to Castle Glen a memorable experience. Our team is dedicated to always making each tour and wine tasting worth each person’s time. From first-time fans to experienced wine tasting veterans, the wine tasting experience never gets old at Castle Glen Winery. If you’re interested in trying our wine but time is of the essence, our online selection with delivery will taste just as good at home as it would be here!

Winemaking is a craft to be shared with the public, and our signature method is no stranger. From the hard work of careful harvesting to the efficient distilling process that aims to get each bottle as great as the last, we strive to put our hearts and souls into each ounce so that no sip is a bad one. We’d love to see you soon; call today to book the best wine-tasting experience around.

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Vineyard Visits

Take your next unplanned adventure with Castle Glen Winery and explore how your favorite wine goes from seed, to vine, to table and the entire process involved in nurturing flavors, intensity and style.