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Discover Your Artistic Side: Join the Watercolor Class with Lena at Castle Glen Winery!

Are you ready to unleash your inner artist and indulge in an evening of creativity and wine? Castle Glen Winery invites you to join their exciting event, the “Watercolor Class with Lena,” on August 26th from 5-7PM at the picturesque Castle Glen Winery Tasting Room in Doswell, Virginia. This unique opportunity offers a delightful blend of artistic exploration and the enjoyment of fine wines in a charming vineyard setting.

Led by the talented artist Lena, this watercolor class promises to be a memorable experience for both beginners and experienced painters alike. Lena’s expertise and passion for art will guide participants through the fundamentals of watercolor painting, providing valuable tips and techniques along the way. Whether you’re a novice seeking to embark on a new artistic journey or a seasoned artist looking to refine your skills, this class offers a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

Nestled in the heart of Doswell, Castle Glen Winery provides the perfect backdrop for this creative adventure. Surrounded by rolling vineyards and lush landscapes, participants will find inspiration at every turn. The Castle Glen Winery Tasting Room, known for its warm ambiance and exceptional wine selection, will host this special event, ensuring that attendees can savor a glass of their favorite Castle Glen wine while indulging in their artistic endeavors.

Tickets for the “Watercolor Class with Lena” are available for $25 per person, providing an affordable and enriching experience for all who wish to attend. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore your artistic side, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and enjoy the delightful wines of Castle Glen Winery. Secure your spot today and get ready to unleash your creativity in an unforgettable setting!


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