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A Historic Place on Historic Grounds

Castle Glen Winery is situated directly next to a historic place, a Civil War National Battlefield Grounds. It’s hard to believe that these beautiful grounds and views were once the scenes of some of the most horrific, yet iconic and transformational events in American History. When visiting Castle Glen Winery you can’t help but be touched by the gravity of events that happened here – and take pride while enjoying wine grown from the soil of patriotism. For us at Castle Glen Winery, it is an honor and a privilege to be able to bring you the most amazing wine from a most historic place! Come visit us today and we know you will agree!


Nearby Attractions

Are you traveling in an RV or motor home? Great, we’ve got spots for you when you visit! We’re Harvest Hosts, so sign up to plan and reserve your spot today! While you’re here check out North Anna Battlefield Park or you can visit Kings Dominion Theme Park, only 8 minutes away! Visit the walking trails at North Anna Battlefield Park or go Bird and Wildlife Watching! There’s lots of things to see and do just minutes from the Winery. We can’t wait to see you!


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Vineyard Visits

Take your next unplanned adventure with Castle Glen Winery and explore how your favorite wine goes from seed, to vine, to table and the entire process involved in nurturing flavors, intensity and style.